Vassilis Konstantinou

Family Frames

In an indoor environment, like a typical Greek bourgeois or petty bourgeois house, objects speak of the people living there. The curtains, the carpets, the flowers in vases and the little ornaments resting on doilies – all carefully and meticulously placed at the same spot for years – define the owners’ identity in relation to their private space, their actual or imaginary social status and their perception of intimacy and aesthetic quality. All in an era when privacy dominates, under the pretense of intimacy and proximity, undermining the function of the public sphere.

Having grown up in a house of that kind, the photographer Vassilis Konstantinou illustrates himself among these objects and explores his relationship to such a site. Putting himself in a state of deep introspection, he attempts to confront the dilemma between intimacy and detachment and express his inclination to the latter. At the same time, he leaves room for other interpretations and emotional triggers, as these may emerge from each spectator and his personal experiences.